Committed to Schools and Communities

School Trustees are an important link between communities and schools. I believe that trustees offer a way to amplify the voices, concerns and heart of the community, and as a trustee my first priority is to listen to the people who live and attend school in Ward C.

As a parent of children attending public school in Ward C, I’ve co-chaired our school’s parent advisory council and learned first-hand about the issues facing students and parents, as well as the financial pressures facing schools.  As a psychologist, I have seen how a child’s experience in school shapes their growth. My Ph.D. research on bullying helped me to understand the important role of school culture on student mental health. Through these experiences I have become committed to the well-being of students in our community.

I value public education and genuinely care about the voices of our students and community members.  Please find out more about me and the issues I believe in.

Watch the video from EPSB on what experience I will bring to the board:

Shelagh Dunn is the choice for Ward C School Trustee.  Shelagh deeply understands the important issues facing our public schools.  She is ready to work and fight hard to support all students and their families so that they will have the best education available.  

-Lewis Cardinal

Dr. Shelagh Dunn is an exceptional candidate for EPSB Trustee for Ward C. As a parent, she has played an active leadership role in the school’s Parent Advisory Council and fully understands the key issues facing public education today. As a psychologist, she has conducted extensive research on bullying and will focus on the crucial importance of mental health and well being in all of our public schools. As a resident of Ward C, she understands the key role trustees play in bringing the public voice to the Board table and is committed to enhancing that role.

As a former trustee, I am thrilled to have such an outstanding candidate to support. I have complete confidence her decisions will always reflect the best interest of all students attending Edmonton Public Schools.

-Lynn Odynski, former trustee Ward C

Shelagh has a keen, educated understanding of mental health and the school community supports that students need to learn. She has shown a committment to building strong networks of school communities based on evidence. Shelagh’s invaluable knowledge, collaborative nature, and timely, thoughtful perpectives are absolutely needed on our board.

-Amber Michaud, R.SLP, Founding member of Community Action for School Renewal

After working with Shelagh for several years on our school’s parent council, I am pleased and excited to endorse her as the Ward C Trustee candidate. Shelagh is highly ethical, thoughtful and caring. She has the ability to work through issues calmly, and build consensus to find the solutions that are best for the group. I know she is the best choice to represent the voices of children and parents in Ward C.

-Tara Hogue-Harris, past Westglen Parent Association Chair

As a mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I know Shelagh is deeply committed to student well-being, mental health and inclusivity.  Shelagh believes in creating learning spaces that are flexible and responsive to the strengths, needs and learning preferences of individual students. With proud enthusiasm I support Shelagh Dunn for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee for Ward C.

-Brooke Pinsky, community advocate