About Me

I am a parent living in Ward C with two elementary-aged children attending school in our ward.

While my children have been attending school, I’ve been an active board member of the parent council, including the role of co-chair.  In this role, I have been attentive to current issues being faced by the district and how this impacts schools and students, including growing infrastructure needs and a booming population. I took an active role in discussions about school amalgamations in mature neighbourhoods and helped to form a community schools advocacy group which raised awareness of the importance of neighbourhood schools.

As a psychologist, I am also passionate about student well-being and mental health. In the past I have worked as a counsellor in schools and at post-secondary institutions, and taught students about community engagement and mental health.

I also have a very collaborative decision-making style and I prioritize listening to community members to gain insight from their experiences and ideas before jumping to solutions. I am also a partner in a small business which has helped me to bring an  attitude of innovation and new ideas to discussions involving difficult issues.

I have worked, researched, and volunteered in many areas related to education, including:

  • As a founding member of Community Action for School Renewal
  • Conducting Ph.D. and Master’s research on bullying in schools
  • Promoting positive mental health at the University of Alberta while working as a psychologist at the student mental health centre.
  • Serving as an Advisory Council member for the Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities
  • Volunteering as a member of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta Public Education Committee
  • Acting as a Representative on the University of Alberta Faculty of Education Diversity, Equity and Respect Committee
  • Working as the Education Co-ordinator for the Gandhi Foundation’s high school citizen workshops